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June is National Safety Month!

30 Personal safety tips for protecting yourself

If you’re out and about...


1. Don’t distract yourself with your phone while walking at night

2. Reconsider headphones while walking or jogging 

3. Lock your car doors immediately once you’re in

4. If you’re alone with strangers in elevators, talk to them. This move can diffuse a potentially dangerous sitation

5. Be wary of the windshield wiper ploy, don't ever get out the car to remove a flyer, piece of clothing or anything under the windshield wipers

6. Don’t set down your drink in public or accept drinks from strangers. 

7. Park in well-lit areas and use the buddy system 

8. Place your keys between your knuckles as a makeshift weapon if you're out walking. Also, you are prepared and avoid having to dig them out.

9. Look confident. Attackers are looking for distracted, vulnerable individuals.

10. Avoid parking next to vans.

If you’re at home…


11. Switch up your route and routine. If you think you are being followed call the police or go to a police station.

12. Always keep your doors and windows locked 

13. Keep an extra key fob on the night stand. Use the alarm to scare off anyone or to just have your keys handy.

14. Leave lights on in and around your house

15. Always close your blinds when it’s dark out 

If you are followed or confronted…


16. If you’re being followed, get to a well-populated area 

17. If you’re approached, don’t engage with trouble 

18. Try a pattern interrupt to surprise your assailant

19. If they try to come close to you, start yelling 

20. Make a scene and scream “fire” 

21. Go for the wrist and pinky

22. Strike at highly-sensitive body parts. The eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee and legs. 

23. Do everything you can to avoid going to a second location 

24. Escape from zip-tied wrists by thrusting your arms 

25. Free yourself from a trunk through the tail lights 

Preventative safety measures to take…


26. Double check your social media settings 

27. Take self-defense courses 

28. Have a family password 

29. Consider getting a dog 

30. Always be aware of your surroundings